What Professional Voice Narration Can Do for Your Church’s Next Video

What Professional Voice Narration Can Do for Your Church’s Next Video

Three reasons to consider adding professional voice narration to your next media project

While it may have been funny the first few times Pastor Braden told a youth camp story for your pre-service video, the same format isn’t going to hold up for your entire sermon series. Voice narration can add a richness to your media projects that give your congregation a new perspective on everything from this week’s Bible passage to the stories from last summer’s mission trip.


Here are three things voice narration can add to your church’s media output:

  • Consistency
    Putting staff members and congregants in charge of your media can be fun, but it’s hard to maintain a consistent quality of results. One person may be an overly enthusiastic actor who loves the spotlight, while another may be too shy and quiet. Hiring a trained and experienced actor to do voice narration for weekly Bible reading will ensure that your congregation will get a feel for your sermon series as a united whole, rather than a contextless jumble of Sunday mornings.

  • Clarity
    We know, it’s adorable to have a little kid do the announcement for this summer’s Vacation Bible Study theme. However, it can result in confusion and misunderstandings. Consider hiring a young actor to do professional voice narration for your video. They will be trained and equipped to read the dates, times, and details in a clear way that your congregation can understand and remember.

  • Potency
    When someone tells you a story in person, it is usually pretty impactful. However, when you ask that same person to tell that same story in front of a camera or microphone, the results can be drastically different. The storyteller may get nervous or confused by being put on the spot, and the potency of the narrative is lost. Someone who is professional at voice narration can take the stories of your church, and recount them in a way that is powerful and memorable, without losing any impact due to the pressure of the recording light in front of them.


Next time you have an important video that you want to add voice narration to, check out VOICEOVERS.com. We have a large database of professional voice actors for you to browse in search of the voice narration that best fits the personality and culture of your church.