What to Look for in Your Cartoon Voice Over

What to Look for in Your Cartoon Voice Over

Getting past the stereotypes to find the right voices for your animation

There are certain stereotypes about animation that linger on to this day. Cartoons are assumed to be goofy and childish, with high-pitched, ridiculous voices. Sometimes, this is true; but the field of animation is so much bigger than high-energy shows for kids. Here are some things to look out for when you are going to cast a cartoon voiceover:

  1. Character Voice vs. Natural Voice

As soon as you put “cartoon voiceover” in a casting call, many people are going to assume you want a character voice. Character voices tend to be over the top, with exaggerated quirks or accents. If this is what you are going for, then great! If not, you should let the Talent know that you want a natural read. This means that you are looking for a voice that sounds more like how they talk every day.

  1. Age Range

If the cartoon voice over you are looking for is a child, that doesn’t necessarily mean that only children will audition. Some teens and adults have youthful voices, and some can do caricatures of children. Sometimes, adult women can do the voices of young boys. Decide what you want. Are you ok listening to caricatures, or auditions from youthful sounding adults, or do you only want actual children? Make this very clear when you post your projects so that you are sure to get the auditions you want.

  1. Genre

If you are casting a science fiction cartoon, you will need cartoon voice over talent who are comfortable saying made up alien words or using highly technical terminology. If you are working on a historical or international piece, you will need people who sound good using older language or speaking in an international accent. When you think this through before you post a casting call, you will move through the process as quickly and smoothly as possible.

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