When Do You Need a Voice-Over Voice Actor For Your Project?

When Do You Need a Voice-Over Voice Actor For Your Project?

Three steps to determining whether you need a professional voice-over for your project.

So, you need some voice-over for your upcoming video or audio project, but can’t you just do it yourself or call in one of your friends who has a nice voice? Do you really need a voice-over actor?

Here are three things to consider before deciding who will be the voice-over of your project:

  1. Audience

Who is your project directed at? Are you trying to appeal to the nerd and geek community? Then you need someone who is comfortable using specific technical and fandom-related terminology in a casual, conversational manner. Are you making a video in support of a social justice movement? You will need a voice that is passionate and level-headed. Overall, you need a voice-over your audience can trust and connect with. If you’re not absolutely certain that you or your golden-voiced friend can pull this off, you will need to bring in a voice actor.

  1. Artistic Vision

Chances are, you have an idea in your head of what you think the voice-over in your project should sound like. Maybe you don’t have anyone in your circle of friends that sounds like that. There’s no need to settle for something less than what you initially intended. The world of professional voice acting is wide and diverse. Go out and find the voice you are looking for. It’s out there.

  1. Professional Standards

What is the end goal for your project? Would you like it to be rated highly on your favorite podcast app? Are you planning to submit it to a film festival? Pay attention to projects that have been successful in the field you want to enter. How do they sound? Does the vocal quality add or detract from the message being conveyed? Find a voice-over that will bring the production quality of your piece up to its full potential.

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