When to Use Conversational Voiceovers

When to Use Conversational Voiceovers

How to know if a conversational style is right for your voiceover project


Conversational-style voiceovers are a great way to connect with and disarm listeners who don’t want to be marketed to; if done well, they can make your listeners laugh, cry, or think in a way a typical, announcer-style read cannot.

However, not just any piece of copy will sound authentic with a conversational-style read. Imagine you are talking to a friend or family member. You probably wouldn’t say something like “Make an appointment at your nearest location today!” on the phone with your sister. You might say something more like, “We want to help you feel your best!”

Conversational voice overs are very popular right now but paired with the wrong copy, they can sound disingenuous, or even condescending. Make sure your script is a good fit for these types of reads before putting “conversational” in your casting directions.