When to Use Narration Voices in Your Media

When to Use Narration Voices in Your Media

Three types of projects that absolutely need a narration voice

When you think of narration voices, you may think of a campy sound, like that “Same Bat-time, Same Bat-channel” guy from the old Batman TV show. Or maybe, you think of the droning voice on that poorly read audio-book you downloaded for free online. Narration voices don’t need to be boring or campy. In fact, your project might benefit from high-quality, professional narration voices. Here are three types of projects that are well suited to narration voices:

  1. Audiobooks

While a more conversational read might work for a dialogue-heavy autobiography, or piece of fiction, a compelling narrator will work wonders for your historical piece, poetic reading, or self-help work. A good narration voice will touch on the emotional core of your writing, and keep your listeners engaged and entertained.

  1. Short Informational Videos

Do you want to reach your campus with news about a new student group starting up? Are you creating a video on your business’s charitable contributions for customers to watch online? A narration voice can bring life and gravitas to your script, fostering a sense of understanding and importance in your viewers.

  1. Parodies

Who says you can’t get a little bit silly sometimes? Maybe you want to put a spin on the old, over-the-top radio announcer trope in your ad. Find a skilled narrator who knows the ins-and-outs of the industry, and isn’t afraid to goof off.

We’re sure you can think of plenty of other places where narration voices will fit perfectly. Is your project one of them? Find incredible Talent who specialize in narration voices on VOICEOVERS.com!