Where to Find Professional Voice Talent For Your Next Project

Where to Find Professional Voice Talent For Your Next Project

Finding the Voice of Your Project on the Internet


There are so many people providing voiceover services, but where can you be sure to find professional voice talent for your project without having to contact individual Talent? Below, we outline 3 of the most common casting services:

Talent Agencies – Talent agencies exist in every region of the U.S. and carefully curate the professional voice talent they choose to represent. When a Buyer comes to them with a need for voiceover services, these offices select the best voices from their pool of talent and share pre-recorded talent demos or custom voice auditions. Websites, such as voicecastinghub.com are a directory of talent agents and provide the ability to post once and access many rosters of professional voice talent.

Casting Directors – These are fee-based consultants who take your project and run the entire process of sourcing voice talent. Then, they provide you with a curated and focused list of voices to review and choose from.

Online Voiceover Services Casting Websites – Focused on streamlining the voice casting process, these websites use the search criteria to find the best voice talent for your project and make it easy to request a custom audition or hire the talent with a click of a button. Some sites are open for any voices, but others like VOICEOVERS.com vet the talent prior to hosting them on the site and are limited to professional voice talent only, making hiring talent a breeze.