Why Voice Matters in Your Political Ad

Why Voice Matters in Your Political Ad

How a professional voiceover specialist can help instil confidence and trust in your listeners


A political ad is different from an ordinary ad in several key ways. While all a fast-food commercial needs to do is appeal to the audience’s appetite, a political ad needs to appeal to the mind and heart. It needs to cultivate a sense of trustworthiness and rationality. Without the right voice, even the best copy will fail on at least one of these points. The best way to find the right voice? Hire a political voiceover specialist. 

The average person is far more affected by the sound of an advertisement then they are aware of. A voice that is too emotional or too flat can, at best, cause listeners to tune out your media and, at worst, distrust it. 

A political voiceover specialist can be the difference between a great political spot and one that is annoying and off-putting. When you hire a political voiceover specialist you are not only getting a voice but also a creative partner with experience and training in their craft. The result is an ability to understand the emotional and intellectual cores of a script and communicate those things through the subtleties of their read. 

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