Why Your App Needs a Recognizable Voice

Why Your App Needs a Recognizable Voice

The importance of voice user interface (VUI) in the user experience


You’re creating an app you want people to remember. You want them to be connected, engaged, and excited to use your app from day to day. Think of the voice-enabled applications and devices you use every day. What is the first thing you associate with those devices? For most people, the voice is the first thing that comes to mind. 

It is vital for you to determine the actual voice your users will interact with. You will need a voice that sounds human and conversational while remaining clear. You want the speech patterns to be distinct and unique without falling into the uncanny valley. The best way to do this is to hire a freelance voiceover professional. A freelance voiceover professional has the experience, clarity, and ability to make the VUI for your app sound absolutely incredible. 

Finding the right voice for your app doesn’t have to take huge chunks out of your development time, though. It can be as simple as calling a rideshare, or signing up for a new streaming service. Post your VUI project on VOICEOVERS.com today to hear from professional voices like Joey Schaljo and Drew Patterson.