Why your Non-profit’s Media Needs a Freelance Voiceover Artist

Why your Non-profit’s Media Needs a Freelance Voiceover Artist

Connecting to the head and heart of your supporters with great voiceover


As someone who works or volunteers for a non-profit, you have a lot of passion. By yourself, you can only take your passion so far. You need supporters – people who share your vision and have your back as you fight for the cause. 

The rubber really hits the road when it comes to regular communication with your supporters. You need to keep them engaged even through the nitty-gritty. Media storytelling is the most effective and far-reaching way to do that.

When someone tells you a story in person, it is usually pretty impactful. However, when you ask that same person to tell that same story in front of a camera or microphone, the results can be drastically different. The storyteller may get nervous or confused by being put on the spot and the potency of the narrative is lost. Someone who is professional at voice narration can take the stories of your organization and recount them in a way that is powerful and memorable without losing any impact due to the pressure of the recording light in front of them. 

The next time you have an important update that you want to add voice narration to, check out VOICEOVERS.com. We have a large database of professional voice Actors for you to browse in search of the voice narration that best fits the personality and culture of your non-profit.