A Guide to the Most Popular Accents

A Guide to the Most Popular Accents

No matter where you live, accents are probably one of the most crucial topics when it comes to advertising. Popular accents used for advertising vary depending on the region you belong to throughout the world.

Popular Foreign AccentsBut what about the most saturated advertising market in the world, i.e., the United States? As per reports, in 2016, the US spent over $72 billion on advertising. Now the question is – what languages, dialects, and accents drive that advertising market?

As you may know, America has a lot of accents all across the globe. It’s charming to see the roots of the regional accents and how every region is represented in pop culture. If you’re searching for the most popular accents of the US for your advertising job, you’ve landed in the right place.

In this post, VOICEOVERS.com is offering you a guide on famous foreign accents found in American media and advertising. Apart from the conventional “North American” accents recruited for successful advertising, the most popular accents are British, Australian, and Spanish.

Here, you will come to know how these accents appear in American advertising & media and what connotations are linked to each. So let’s dive into the details.

1. British Accents

The British Received Pronunciation (RP) accent is a strong accent from the UK. The British accents used in American advertising appeal to the part that is more sophisticated. It discloses the difference between who we are and who we desire to be.

Basically, these voices deliver the message that “without this item, I’m not living up to my full potential or my best possible life.” Therefore, companies with luxury products will often select a narrator with a proper UK accent to voice over their ads spots.

The British accent can also be found in essential fact-delivery style messaging and PSAs, as it is proven to be perceived as more authoritative and credible.

Besides, there are several accents of the UK, such as Irish, Welsh, British, and Scottish. Understand how people from each of these regions speak and identify exactly what accent will be suitable for your next advertising campaign.

2. Australian Accents

When we hear any accent, the sound activates the associations that we have with that tone and its root. If we talk about the Australian accent, it is linked to sociability, laid-backness, heartedness, and adventurism. It makes sense that some American brands want to build these associations with their companies by using the Australian accent for advertising purposes.

The trick of using this accent in advertising is identical to the British accent, in which it displays a character that we aspire to become. When it comes to the Australian accent, it features our desires for a less run-of-the-mill, scheduled, structured, everyday practice. It reminds us that the life we desire to spend is of loose expectations, spontaneity, and a relaxed round the clock calendar.

3. Spanish Accents

If we talk about Spanish accents in American advertising, they help in creating a sense of relatability among Hispanic people in the US. With persuasive cultural ties, the Hispanic population in the US responds well to advertising that provides data in a proper Spanish accent.

As per data, 5% of all jobs in the United States prefer a Spanish accent, and this percentage is growing over time. That means American brands are realizing that they require to create cultural relations with the messaging directed towards Hispanic people. If you want to know about the different Spanish accents and their role in advertising, you must contact VOICEOVERS.com.

Selection of an Advertising Accent in the US – A Convoluted Procedure

The accents used in the US advertising and media vary from one region to another. This is where VOICEOVERS.com comes into play to make your job easier. The right voice and accent have a significant impact on your business, make it count with the help of a professional voiceover.

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