Complete Guide to Accents for Advertising

Complete Guide to Accents for Advertising

complete-guide-to-accents-for-advertisingBeing a marketer, you may know that creating a sense of relatability with the audience is critical for your business success. One of the key strategies to achieve this is – using voices that sound similar to your target audience. Choosing the right sound depends on several elements, such as voice age, language, role, style, accent, and even dialect.

From all these factors, the accent plays an essential role. There are several studies that show that accents make a substantial effect on how your message is delivered. In this post, you will come to know why accents are so appealing and how they impact your advertising efforts. So let’s get started.


The Role of Accents in Advertising

In this section, we will focus on how accents are appealing and how their connotations can influence advertising and marketing for better or worse. If you see, North American media is well-known for using varying global accents for advertising – even though the selected accents do not match the tone of the prospective audience. For example, a smartwatch ad voiced by a British voiceover agent might air in Alaska.

But the question is – how does the rest of the globe use accents in advertising? A lot of studies have been conducted on this specific topic. Below you will find examples that show how accents can affect perception in advertising.

Regardless of the region you belong to, how accents are recognized by the target people differ from one area to the other, mainly when used in advertising or marketing. Some regions prefer their local accents, whereas others like an accent from another province or country altogether.

Here are a few studies that showcase how accents can affect perception in marketing. So let’s take a quick look at them.

Some Areas in the UK Do Not Prefer Their Own Accent 

A study conducted by the Central office of Information in the UK represents that in some areas of the nation, people respond very well to ads in their native accent, e.g., in Manchester. In contrast, people from cities like Birmingham and Bristol do not prefer to hear ads in their own accent and like to listen to ads recorded with a Received Pronunciation (RP) accent instead.

If you’re planning to advertise your business in any of the UK regions, you need to understand what accent appeals to which area. Have no idea about what Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, and other UK accents sound like? If you need any help with this, you can contact professionals over here.

How American Kids Recognize Accent 

A research done by Harvard psychologist found that American kids put more social consideration behind a specific accent instead of race. As per the study, 5-year-old American kids selected to be friends with kids of other races with no accent over kids with the same-race with a foreign accent. This survey encourages the use of accents in marketing aimed at the younger generation in the United States.

Some Regions in the Netherlands Don’t Care About the Accents in Advertising

A study performed in the Netherlands stated that the use of local accents did not impact the customers’ brand perception, purchase intent, and understanding of the message. It indicates that in some regions of the Netherlands, it doesn’t matter if a regional accent is included or not.


When You Must Include Accents in Advertising

There are some beliefs that if a business is trying to be flirty and playful, then they must go with an Australian English accent in the advertising. On the other hand, if a brand wants to convey poshness and luxury, they should include a UK accent in the advertising. Check out British Voice Actor Bruce Duncan for the perfect UK accent.

Now, the next step is to determine when to include accents. Figuring out the right time to use accents is a lot more complicated than you might be thinking. Check out top Voice Actor Debbie Irwin who is ideal for luxury brands and high-end retail commercials. She has been known to do a pretty amazing Cersei Lannister voice!

For instance, in a place where a lot of global advertising campaigns occur, the only way to ensure that the accent you’re using will be recognized well by the audience is to tap into localization and transcreation. Putting a focus on transcreation can help you in determining what vocal characteristics people from varying areas across the globe like to hear in their regional advertising.

Also, the added effort to identify what accent each area prefers to hear in their advertisements is time-consuming. It may cost you more than your expectations in order to rebuild the same ad for each region separately. But, the reward is – the improved effectiveness of the advertisements. Ultimately, you’re making all the efforts to make your advertising effective, and it is something that will translate into your business revenue.

Overall, no matter which accents you’re looking to use in your advertising, you need to hire a professional voiceover agent to do the job for you. Whenever it comes to hiring a talented voiceover actor, consider contacting