How to Give Your Idea a Voice

How to Give Your Idea a Voice

How hiring a freelance voiceover professional can take your project from great to excellent


When you go into a creative project, you most likely have a great idea that you are excited to bring to life. Sometimes, by the end of the project, it has transformed quite a bit from that initial vision. If you have the right voice for your media project, it can transform into something even better than you imagined! 

Think of the audio/visual projects that have inspired you. What are your favorite video games, movies, television shows, or web videos? You most likely think of the characters and images associated with them. Now close your eyes, and think of those pieces of media again. Can you still hear the voices and sounds in your mind, no matter how long it has been since you last played or watched? 

For your idea to have that kind of long-lasting impact on your audience, you need to pay as much attention to the sound as you do to the visual. You need a voice or voices that will stick in viewers’ or players’ heads- and not in an annoying, earworm kind of way. A freelance voiceover professional is someone with a trained and cultivated voice who is quick to understand and respond to your cues as a creator. They can work with you to make sure your project is entertaining, memorable, and high-quality. 

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