Why is Sonic Branding So Important?

Why is Sonic Branding So Important?

Using Voice Actors to Establish Your Sonic Brand. 


We all know that jingles and mnemonics create ear worms and brand memorability, but what about voices? 

Sonic branding is the key to breaking through advertising clutter and creating a trusting relationship with your target audience. It’s proven that we like what we already know, so why not use that to your advantage when hiring your next freelance voice Talent?

Think of voiceover as your new audio logo, conveying your brand promise to the consumer in a relatable way. Choosing the right voiceover Talent for your audio brand can help you establish in a matter of seconds if your brand is casual, luxurious, playful, or family-friendly by the tone, delivery, and cadence of the audio. Just like we fill in the last few notes of a popular song from memory, consumers will start to attach your sonic brand to all of your other marketing materials carrying that personal connection through. 

A professional voiceover Actor can immediately establish a meaningful and human connection between your brand and your audience. The more often they hear your signature sound associated with your company, your audio brand begins to build trust and loyalty over time. That connection builds familiarity, leading to increased sales.

At VOICEOVERS.com, we’ve already vetted voices to be sure you are only hearing professional voice Actors that are capable of establishing a relationship with your audience and serving as part of your sonic brand. Start finding your voice today.